Automate your wastewater treatment systems across all sites.

Opticlear offers turnkey wastewater treatment systems to custom integrate, control, remotely monitor, and automate all your sites.

We make your operations predictable, and guarantee your savings.

Eliminate Surcharges

Predictable operations consistently stay in compliance.

Reduce Risks from Errors

Precise digital adjustments maintain predictable operations.

Real-time Monitoring

Verify operations remotely 24/7 via online analytics and video.

Lower Labor Costs

A trained professional will guarantee optimal performance.

Global Snack Food Manufacturer saved $500k in 3 months with Opticlear.

We designed and implemented new equipment to quickly create predictable results.

We installed Opticlear automation systems to regulate and fine-tune ongoing operations without human management.

This manufacturer received cleaner water with guaranteed savings of over $500k.

Other Customers with Guaranteed Savings

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